Why Your Vagina Gets Dark and How to Lighten It

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Over time, most women notice that their intimate area skin darkens a little bit more than the rest of their body. This is normal, and there are several reasons it may happen.

But some people still choose to bleach their vulva area, and that’s not a good or safe idea. Here’s why.

2. Apply Coconut Oil

There are plenty of things that can affect the flora in your vagina and cause it to darken or become dry – This part was constructed by the service’s editors XXX Teens Sex. For example, hormones, medications, and unfamiliar bacteria on shared adult toys or from a new partner can all disturb the natural balance of your microbes in the area. Additionally, certain soaps and lubricants can also have an impact on your intimate area’s pH levels.

The good news is that you can easily lighten your vulva naturally by eating more Vitamin C-rich foods, such as berries, broccoli, and bell peppers or applying an aloe vera-based ointment to the area. In addition, you can wash your genital area with a private area cleanser that restores the natural pH levels to the vulva.

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You can also try using an organic, high-quality coconut oil as a personal lubricant. If you are unsure of how this will react with your genital area’s specific pH level, it is best to test the product on your skin before rubbing it into your vulva. Make sure to purchase unrefined coconut oil and a glass or plastic-free jar to dodge more unwanted chemicals and additives.

For more permanent results, consider getting a professional treatment. A doctor can perform a simple procedure that uses a laser or chemical peel to remove hyperpigmentation in the labia and other areas of your genitals. This will help to remove the discoloration and dark spots that are caused by various factors, including the natural aging process or a condition known as acanthosis nigricans, which is a symptom of PCOS.

3. Apply Lemon Juice

A post by cosmetics brand Huda Beauty sparked controversy over the weekend after recommending that women use lemon juice, coconut oil and egg whites to lighten their labia. The piece was published April 7 and titled “Why Your Vagina Gets Dark and How to Lighten It.” In it, an unidentified writer (the byline says “HB Team”) explains that some Huda Beauty readers have asked whether skin-lightening products can be used on their intimate areas.

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After conducting some research (read: Googling “vagina lightening hacks”), the author suggests a variety of DIY treatments that involve lemon juice, yogurt and egg whites. These include slathering the inner thighs with the homemade concoction and leaving it on for 30 minutes; massaging the area daily with the mixture; and applying it in a circular motion to lighten the sensitive vulva.

While these tips may work for some people, they are likely to cause irritation for others. The skin of the intimate area has a delicate balance and is very sensitive, and using these kinds of home-made treatments on this area can disrupt that balance and lead to irritation. Two gynecologists also told INSIDER that there’s no medical reason to lighten external genitalia like the labia.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual woman to decide whether or not she wants to lighten her labia, and if so, how. However, it’s important for women to remember that their labia are just as beautiful as the rest of their body and should be celebrated.

4. Apply Rose Water

Many people believe that the skin of their vulva is naturally darker, but some of us want to lighten it to match the rest of our body. Several brands sell vaginal creams, which claim to whiten the lady area, but they contain hydroquinone, which is known to cause ochronosis and other side effects.

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A popular beauty blogger recently posted a tutorial on how to lighten your vulva using coconut oil and lemon juice. However, the advice has been criticized by experts. Dermatologist Doris Day writes that a DIY whitening solution could do more harm than good, and recommends avoiding hyperpigmentation in this sensitive part of the body by losing weight to avoid friction down there, treating yeast infections promptly, and using a sanitary pad with a high absorbency during your period.

In addition, she recommends not applying perfumed soaps or lotions to the vulva, as they can irritate the delicate tissue. She also cautions against using harsh chemical bleaches, like kool-aid or hydrogen peroxide, as they can strip the skin of its natural oils and lead to irritation.

You can try making a homemade vulva brightening remedy using turmeric, rice powder, yogurt, and lemon juice. This combination sloughs away dead skin cells, whereas the lactic acid in yogurt lightens it and eliminates odour. You can also add apple cider vinegar to this mixture, as it has a bleaching effect and is full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

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