How Long After Gastric Sleeve Can I Have Sex?

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Many patients are interested in the impact that gastric sleeve surgery has on their libido. It’s normal for your sex drive to change after gastric sleeve, but these changes can vary from person to person.

Typically, patients find that their sexual life improves after WLS. This is due to a number of reasons, including better energy, reduced co-morbidities, and an increase in confidence.

Pain and Discomfort

Incisions and scarring from gastric sleeve surgery can cause discomfort and pain during sexual activity. This can make it difficult to get in the mood for sex, which can lead to problems with your intimacy and relationships. It is important to talk with your surgeon about the type of sex you can safely have after surgery and how long it will take to recover from the procedure.

A study published in JAMA found that women who had bariatric surgery reported a significant increase in libido, arousal, and lubrication during sex. Weight loss also enhances a woman’s body image, which can boost sex drive.

While some men may find that their libido is lower after bariatric surgery, it is typically not as serious as the impact on women’s libido. A person’s sex drive will probably return to normal after a few weeks of healing, but it is wise to be cautious and wait until your doctor has given you the green light to resume physical activities.

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When you are ready to engage in sex, be sure to choose positions that don’t put pressure on your abdomen. For example, the missionary position can cause stitches to tear and leave you in pain. You can also ask your partner to help you find positions that don’t put pressure on your stomach, like a face-down kiss.


A sleeve gastrectomy is a bariatric surgery that uses surgical staplers to remove 80% of your stomach. It’s an outpatient procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. This operation makes it harder for you to get pregnant because the intestines are not connected to your stomach anymore. You have to wait about 18 months after your gastric sleeve surgery to try to become pregnant. During this time, you must use contraception, either through protected sex or birth control pills, patches, or shots.

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Getting pregnant after gastric sleeve surgery is not impossible, but you should consult with a nutritionist who has experience working with women who have undergone the procedure. It is common for women who have had the sleeve to suffer from nutrient deficiencies, especially iron and calcium deficiency. They will have to take supplements to ensure that they are able to provide their baby with all the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Energy Level

After gastric sleeve surgery, your energy levels will improve. This is because the procedure will remove excess weight that was causing you to feel tired and sleepy all the time. The surgery also reduces the fatty tissues in your body, making you less hungry.

In addition, you will no longer experience the co-morbidities associated with obesity, such as joint pains, digestive problems, and hormonal imbalances. As a result, you will have more stamina and be physically able to perform better during sex. This is true for both men and women. In fact, a JAMA study found that sexual satisfaction and performance in the bedroom improved for both men and women after gastric sleeve surgery.

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However, the rapid weight loss that often comes with gastric sleeve surgery may affect your mood and emotions. This means that you could have an unexpectedly high sex drive one moment and a low sex drive the next. It is best to wait until you are fully recovered from the surgery before engaging in sexual activities.

For women who have PCOS, gastric sleeve surgery can be helpful because it can help you regain ovulation and become more fertile. This is because it eliminates excess weight, which can cause ovarian cysts and other issues. However, you should still use a reliable birth control method until you are ready to have a baby.


Gastric sleeve surgery involves removing the majority of your stomach and turning it into a long narrow tube. Food still empties into the small intestine, just less of it at one time. For morbidly obese patients, this change can be uncomfortable and lead to feelings of insecurity during intimate situations. Sexual insecurity is a common problem for bariatric surgery patients, but can be overcome with proper preparation and education. Often, patients find their relationships become more satisfying after losing weight and becoming more confident in their bodies.

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