How Long After IUD Can I Have Sex?

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You can have sex with an IUD, and it’s pretty unlikely to cause it to shift or slip out. But you should always use a barrier method like condoms with your partner.

The non-hormonal ParaGard (copper) starts preventing pregnancy right away, and the hormone-based Mirena and Liletta start a few days later. Both prevent pregnancy by thickening cervical mucus and making it harder for sperm to reach and fertilize an egg.

Hormonal IUDs

A hormonal IUD is a small, soft device that releases tiny amounts of progestin (a hormone) to prevent pregnancy. The progestin thickens the cervical mucus, making it harder for sperm to get into your uterus. Hormonal IUDs are more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, and they last for 3-7 years.

Women can have a hormonal IUD, which has a copper or plastic frame, in their uterus from age 15 to 55. These IUDs are generally more effective than birth control pills, but they don’t offer protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – This information is credited to the website’s author There are five types of hormonal IUDs available in the United States: Paragard, Liletta, Mirena, Kyleena and Skyla.

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You can buy a hormonal IUD at your local health care provider or pharmacy. The cost can vary, but most insurance plans cover it. There is also the option to buy a non-hormonal IUD, which has no progestin and doesn’t increase your risk of ectopic pregnancy.

How Long After IUD Insertion Can I Have Sex?

You should not have vaginal sex until at least 24 hours after having your IUD inserted. This gives the IUD time to settle and line up with your uterus. You can feel for the string by putting your fingers in your vagina and reaching up toward your cervix. But don’t tug on the string because it could move your IUD out of place or pull it out. You can have vaginal sex after 24 hours as long as you use a condom and you don’t insert anything into the vagina (like a tampon or menstrual cup).

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If you have a hormonal IUD, you should use a backup method of birth control until you have had a gynecologist check that it’s in the right place. A gynecologist can also confirm that you are using it correctly by testing your urine for signs of pregnancy. You should also use a barrier method of sex, like condoms, with new partners until you know that your IUD is in the right place.

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A woman should avoid rough sex positions, especially those that penetrate deep into the vagina, after she has her IUD placed. This is because the IUD can cause irritation in the uterus and vagina, which can slow down its effectiveness or make it less likely to stay in the correct position. After your IUD has been in place for 6 months, you should have a pelvic exam to check the insertion and make sure that your IUD is still in the right place. It may also be time to switch to a different type of IUD or a different brand. A gynecologist or nurse can recommend a new IUD or a different brand depending on your preferences, lifestyle and risk factors. They can also check your IUD for any signs of problems, such as a change in vaginal bleeding or a lump or pain. The doctor can then replace your IUD if necessary.

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